Hospital Cleaning Services

Individual providing hospital cleaning services

TEAM Group is a global supplier of hospital cleaning and support services for clients that need a quality end result with full regulatory compliance. We also offer facility services that include the provision of clean room cleaning, supporting your clean room validation, and performance of non-core facility support services.

TEAM Group is a leading provider of decontamination services to the medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as the life sciences and R&D labs. We have a highly trained work force that understands how to reduce contaminants, ensuring the cGMP is within the industry standards and in support of maintaining your clean room validation.

Complete Cleaning Solutions

Our decontamination and industrial cleaning services extend far beyond simple cleaning in hospitals and clean room cleaning. TEAM Group has several years of experience in this field. Our approach to the decontamination process is based on science and empirical data, using the latest technology and information available along with the most innovative and stringent facility cleaning techniques to meet global regulatory expectations.

TEAM Group understands the real world cost that issues such as colonies, spores, bacteria, and viruses can cause. TEAM Group disinfects and utilizes the best methodology to maintain the integrity of the clean room areas. In areas of medical device cross contamination, TEAM Group ensures medical facility compliance by maintaining cGMP regulations and utilizing validated, controlled, and environmentally safe cleaning agents.

Key Clean Room Deliverables include but are not limited to:

  1. Compliance audits of existing facilities, policies, and procedures
  2. On-site Safety and compliance training of hospital cleaning personnel
  3. Generation of facility specific cleaning validation master plans, protocols, final reports, and SOPs
  4. Consulting services for mock inspections of Medical and Healthcare cleaning programs and documentation, cleaning validation and verification, development of science based acceptance criteria
  5. Ongoing monitoring of cleaning effectiveness
  6. Quality Assurance review of all deviations and failures, including CAPA
Medical Decontamination Services

Typical Non-Core Applications in Medical and Clean Room include:

  • Facility Maintenance Services (interior/exterior)
  • Hospital Cleaning Services
  • Clean Room Validation Services
  • Decontamination Services
  • Airflow, Filter Management and Particle Analysis Services
  • Waste Management Services
  • Vacuum Services
  • General Facility Maintenance
  • Commodity Management Services

Whether you are looking for an industrial cleaning company that can provide general facility maintenance or detailed clean room cleaning, TEAM Group can help. We offer everything from help with an HACCP plan to complete support services. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare cleaning services.

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